Ceramic Coatings

A new car is often the second largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime. Therefore it is highly important to protect your investment not only to maintain its condition throughout ownership, but also to maximise it’s potential value when the time comes to sell.

Our protection packages offer great piece of mind as well significantly easier maintenance throughout ownership. This service helps to prevent potential damage from things such as UV rays, strong chemicals, road salt and bird lime etching.

In addition to this we also offer a range of interior treatments offering protection from drink spillages, stubborn dirt and fabric staining etc. We have a number of options to choose from so please do not hesitate to contact us to find the best package to suit your requirements.

Car Pro CQuartz UK Ceramic Coating

  • Pre wash cleaner applied to the vehicle to remove as much dirt as possible prior to contact washing
  • Wheels cleaned inside and out with a specific product using various soft bristled brushes
  • Tyres and inner wheel arches degreased
  • Door shuts washed and rinsed
  • Exterior body safely hand washed using a PH neutral shampoo
  • Tar spots removed
  • Metallic fallout Removed
  • Clay Bar treatment to remove any remaining contamination on the paintwork
  • Vehicle fully dried using soft drying towels
  • Single stage machine polish cleanse to remove minor blemishes and imperfections
  • Paint cleanser wipe down to prepare the paintwork for protection
  • Car Pro C Quartz UK applied to paintwork protecting for up to 2 years
  • Alloy wheels faces sealed
  • Glass cleaned and sealed
  • Exterior chrome polished and sealed
  • Tyres dressed
  • Plastic trim dressed and protected

From £300

Additional interior protection package

  • All rubbish removed
  • Interior fully vacuumed
  • Interior trim cleaned and dusted
  • Fabric upholstery treated with a water repellent protectant
  • Leather surfaces cleaned and sealed
  • Glass cleaned
  • Air freshener applied

From £50

Mercedes C250d AMG-Line New Car Protection
Rolls Royce Phantom VIII New Car Protection
Range Rover Autobiography New Car Protection


– Please note that all of our prices are set as “from”. This is because not every vehicle is in the same condition and sizes vary quite dramatically.
– Access to a plug socket within 25 metres is required for all valets to run our equipment.
– Additional charges may be incurred for heavily soiled vehicles.
– Prices show are offered within a 15 mile radius of B77, Tamworth. 50p per mile is charged outside of this area to cover additional fuel and time.
– All bookings are dry weather dependent unless adequate shelter can be provided.
– Final quotations will be provided upon arrival prior to work commencing.